Institute for Conceptual Studies
LANGUAGE | The Wrong
Making A Living (2018-19)
Saul Ramirez

The word economy is a combination of two Greek words: oikos, meaning home, and nemein, meaning management.
        There are openings and
        Nudging between things.
There are always empty spaces.
Decimals and the finding of value in between numbers.
Its concept is that of division which results in categories, classes, and their ordering.
        At the crossroads of necessity and ideology.
        A place to orient from.
 At home, you cannot be lost.
        You can only move away from the source.
        The home carries the basic principle of management, and what is managed
        are values.
Where should I start?

I had to install my studio in a public space: I organized.
The studio was the home: the home the work. The labor, its economy.
I got lost in the logic, searching first for a point.
Etymologies for my tongue, shelves for my books, desks for my work, drawers for my materials, walls for my display, room for my playing, porch for my living, door for my mediations.
Lines on the floor to follow.
If I get there, then I’m done, I must move on, so the point is there, at the end, like I should have known.
The point is there, in never meeting
A series of lessons, the first being patience:
        Acceptance of the natural order.
        Some things cannot be changed.
        We corrupt the new order, we hold everything back,
        I must recognize that I can't enter the temple, but my children can.
The second lesson was trust.
        I invite people in for conversations. I have tea and coffee; I have no money.
        Scrounging for things—trash must be good again.
        People have too many things.
        Depreciation and overproduction, where can one fit all of this?
        I’ll try to use it.
My doors are always open, I am closed.
My camera got stolen, I can't remember what I last recorded.
I often entered to grieve.
        What do I grieve? I’m still not sure.
Things came in and things came out.
People came, went, returned, and stayed.
I made maps. Lines which outline things that I am yet to follow.
        Sometimes imagining it is enough.
The fantasy, because it is just a fantasy, can be the most satisfying of all experiences.
At the cost of almost nothing, you can approach death without its eternal consequence
 My body grieves unknowingly through this consciousness. I create this split myself.
Line by line.

In Latin, the word scientia means “knowledge” and we have inherited this meaning. It derives form the same root as the word scindere which means “to cut” and the Greek word skhizein, meaning “to split” from which we derive the word schizophrenia, as well as consciousness.
Also scribe, scribble, scratch, skin, scythe, sect, sector, schist.
Omniscience, insect, bisect, dissect.
Carving in and carving out the facts. If I can see then I can ask the question, "what do I need?"
Economics is the science of human choice:
 My home is made out of all these facts.
Things move and linger.
A book can be replaced or even be removed;
The shelf is no different
(Gaston Bachelard and Brian Green have helped me in this).
Relative things, and relative values
I need the time to sit and think about them.
        What is it worth?
Not sure yet, still getting to the point, maybe
It’s worth my life in time and investment.
        What’s that worth?
        Measured things, we dance their tempo
Compartmentalized selves: I keep on shifting my room.
        I’m always doing different things.
        Feeling different ways.
        New functions, always scarce and excessive,
        but is that not the point?
        Just a reason to keep going.
There is a poison among our blood, my sadness
        breaks down each relation slowly.
I lay everything out and donate what I don’t use.
        Spend no money (have no money)
        Forget it was ever different, it's all the present.
        Just moving things, shifting values, flipping life.
        We shed it all.