Institute for Conceptual Studies
LANGUAGE | The Wrong
Ang Duhol ng Walang Hanggan
(The Atemporal Sea Snake) (2019)
Alfred Marasigan

After a harrowing transcontinental and anachronistic journey of being sealed off the sea onto a freshwater lake within a volcano within a lake within a volcano and becoming an entirely new species, to witnessing the evacuation of people throughout the caldera's Spanish colonial towns, to being collected by a German zoologist and classified by an American taxonomist, to being interred in the virtual formaline jar of a museum where a tropical wanderer discovered it, to being invoked by the same wanderer together with a fire dancer who inscribes the infinity symbol in fire in front of a cathedral in the arctic in front of a sentient, ubiquitous device on a tripod adorned with Norwegian seashells, a 19th century Philippine sea snake specimen from Taal winds its way to your phone screen as sound, spectre, and story, for half an hour or across centuries, decrypted, pixelated, fractured, never, momentarily, and forever, live, on Instagram, for the time being.