Institute for Conceptual Studies

Institute for Conceptual Studies

Instagram: @instituteforconceptualstudies

An immaterial center for the study of ideas founded April 2019. Currently based in Pacific Standard Time. Operating internationally on the Internet. A slow institution. A repository. A journal. A space for experiments.

Participants past and present Mauro Baio, Aaron Castillo, Shelley Chamberlin, Brittany Marie Chavez, Izzy Cho, Lindsay Costello, Krista Darling, Miles Flynn, Yasmina Gillies, Saba Keyvanshokouhi, Divyaa Kumar, karen Krolak, Lusi Lukova, Kalaija Mallery, Alfred Marasigan, Adam Mathieu, Brüno Melo, Katelyn Montagna, Hannah Newman, Xi Jie Ng, Libbi Ponce, David Quiles Guilló, Saul Ramirez, Erika Schnur, Andrew Shaw, Kristy Summerson, Zach Whitworth

Allies Dictionary of Negative Space (MA), The Silent Academy (WA), Separate Checks (FL), Unbound Press (OR/MO)

Currently operating on an annual budget of $50 USD, which pays for this website.